Terms & Conditions

Shipments tendered to Seawings Mailbox Services (SMS) are subject to the following terms & conditions:

Conveyance – primary means of conveyance is ocean freight carriage.

Packaging – All items must be properly packed for export shipping. Failure to provide proper packing will result in refusal to ship cargo to final destination. If customer requires additional or repacking, it will be done upon request and the cost of so doing will be to the consignee.

Commodities – No hazardous materials will be accepted for the mailbox service. Neither will food items requiring temperature controlled environment. Food items showing an optimal temperature that the goods cannot exceed during transit, will not be accepted. Glassware, ammunition, firearms, animal skins, cash, perishables, negotiable securities, aerosol cans and perfumery are not accepted.

Weight & Rating Information – Cargo will be rated at a flat rate. Determination of the weight will be calculated at actual weight as well as volume or dimensional weight which is calculated in inches (L xW xH / 166). The higher of the two calculations is used as the weight basis for the rate to be used.

Maximum weight limitation is 150 lbs. (actual)

We will accept collect shipments but will not advance the funds to pay for the product that is being shipped.

Freight amounts will not be pro-rated. The registrant who will be either the shipper or consignee are responsible for all charges on the Mailbox bill of lading. If goods are to be shipped for other entities, that is between the registrant and those parties. Seawings Mailbox Services (SMS) deals only with the registrant

Only customers with valid registration is allowed to participate in the flat rates available to all Seawings Mailbox Services (SMS) Mailbox Service clients.

Documentation – A commercial invoice stating the shipper, consignee, commodity description, quantity shipping and value of items shipped must be made available to Seawings Mailbox Services (SMS) prior to cargo being loaded into an ocean container to move to final destination. The invoice form can be completed by the registrant or the vendor’s commercial invoice may be used if it includes the information shown above.

Insurance – Insurance is not mandatory. It must be checked off as DECLINE on the registration form, otherwise it will be charged and applied. The cost of insurance, as of 12/2011 is 1% of 110% CIF value of the goods being shipped.

Filing a claim does not exempt the registrant from paying the freight charges and taxes/duties. Maximum liability is US$ .25/lb. on uninsured claims.

Storage- If cargo is not shipped within 30 days of arrival at Seawings Mailbox Services (SMS) warehouse a charge of $.05/cft to be applied. After 60 days, $.10/cft to be applied thereafter.

** All other terms and conditions not found on this registration form can be found on the back of the Seawings Mailbox Services (SMS) bill of lading in accordance with COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act) Hague Rules.